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Who is sal masekela dating

I got an education from ESPN on how to be a broadcaster, but really I was just a fan and I think I’m very lucky.I cover a very artistic form of athletic expression that sort of is married to music and creativity in a way that compliments how I grew up in music and the arts.When I moved to Cali, I found a new way to fulfill that creativity with sports.So, when I was finally in a position to start doing things that I wanted to do as opposed to doing things that I had to do, it made the most sense for me to take another shot back at music...

His effortless, down-to-earth candor — maintained even when reporting from atop a gondola lift suspended 1,500 feet in the air — has proven time and again to be a favorite among action sports enthusiasts.” So I got a text message from Dave that said, “Kelis would like you to come sing on the record.” And sure enough, a week later, I went up to Dave’s house and Kelis [also a certified chef] was in the kitchen cooking, and the musicians were sitting around while Dave was playing some playback of some song.It was this very old school vibe that reminded me of when I used to go sit in the studios with my dad when I was a kid in the early 80s late 70s.You do so many different things, what is your true passion? Sal: I think if I had to drop everything, I would probably make music... But I happen to be passionate about a lot of different things and they sort of all wrap me into who I am.I’ve had the opportunity to be able to continue a childhood passion for action sports by being somebody who was really well versed in a group of sports that no one really knew how to talk about on television.

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AXS: In Kelis’ “Bless the Telephone,” you’ve got some pretty decent vocals going on. AXS: I wasn’t too surprised by the quality because I figured if you focused your attention on it, it had to be great...

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