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A copy of this Acknowledgment will be kept in your personnel file. If you have a concern or problem, it should be directed to your immediate Supervisor, or if the immediate Supervisor is part of the concern, to your next level of supervision.

Please check with Human Resources or your Supervisor for the line of communication in your department.

Tulalip will advise you of changes, additions, or deletions in policies and procedures covered in this Handbook.

The appeal provisions in this Handbook do not apply to Temporary/Seasonal Employees.

Temporary/Seasonal Contract positions do not have to be advertised.

Managers must provide Human Resources with organizational charts every time there is a change AND every September 1st. APPLICABILITY All Employees are subject to the provisions in this Handbook with the exceptions of independent contractors and Contract Employees, unless included in the Employee Contract or Employees of departments where variances have been specifically adopted in writing by the Board of Directors.

The term “variance” shall mean an exception to the rules and requirements enforceable under this Handbook.

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CONTRACT EMPLOYEE An Employee under a written contract of employment.

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