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Lebanese have mainly European (from the Crusades), Phoenician, Ottoman and Arab genes.

This does not include others such as Byzantine and Persian.

It is 34% Christian and 66% Muslim however most of the women are not strictly conservative.

In addition, Lebanese women are very laid back ladies with charm.

They are good mothers and they are attached to their family when they get married, and they are very protective to their children.

While some are brunettes with dark eyes, it is very common to see blondes with green and blue eyes.

But it is definitely not all about their physical appearance; it is the way all their habits and quirks - their grace and natural elegance - come together as a whole.

1-They have a renowned and outstanding beauty which is a mixture of a western, European, and eastern facial and body traits, which makes them a masterpiece in Mediterranean beauty that overpasses even the Greek, Italian and Spanish women.

Between the two lies the Bekaa Valley, the principal agricultural area.

Lebanese women are known for their loveliness and beauty because Lebanon is the worlds oldest melting pot.

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In other words, they have the feature of an occidental lady, and they have at the same time the originality of the oriental ladies.4- Lebanese women are thought to be tyrannized and oppressed when actually they are definitely not.