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The story centers around three sisters: Sylvia (oldest), Constance, and Jessica (youngest). Her mother, Siu Yau, had objected to her marriage so she eloped to Canada. To keep him, Constance hopes that Jessica, the wealthiest of the sisters, will lend her money so that Frankie can open a business.What Jessica's family didn't know was that her husband, Patrick, is facing losses in their company.Bowie Lam made his acting debut in 1986 with the movie Kiss Me Goodbye.He continued to star in a few movies, and made his singing debut in 1989.Bowie Lam Bo-Yee (Chinese: 林保怡, born 4 September 1965) is Hong Kong famous TV actor who works on the network TVB.He starred in numerous popular TV dramas including File of Justice and Healing Hands series.Bowie Lam is still singing after his debut album in 1989; he released a total of 6 albums to date but never really achieved great success in his musical career.The entire series revolves around the lives of two clans: the Yim clan (閻族) and the Sung Clan (宋族), in the Loess Plateau area of the Shanbei region during the Republican era.

He worked in numerous fields, including serving in the Hong Kong Police Force for a short period of time.

However, it is not a sequel or prequel and the storyline is completely different from the original War and Beauty.

Ratings report showed that the premiere episode broke the ratings record in recent years with an average of 36 points, which roughly translates to 2.31 million audiences.

The second episode also maintained the same ratings.

TVB, at the time, was confident the ratings of the series will continue to rise.

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This edict is the foundation of the conflict central to the series.