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Colonies differing in re- ligious opinions, in connnercial interests, and in everything dependent on climate and labor, in usages and manners swayed by reciprocal prejudices, and frecpiently (piarrcl Ung with each other respecting boundaries, found themselves united in one representative body.

The body named itself " tho congrcgs," and its cliair- inan "the president." Jay and JDiiano would have selected a secretary from among themselves ; but, on the motion of Lyncii, Charles Thomson Wiis appointed.

Let them that imagine mischie-^ for me be as dust before the wind.

AVho is Hke unto thee, who dehverest the poor from him tliat is too strong for him '^ Lord ! Awake, and stand up to judge^ my quarrel ; avenge thou my cause, my God and my Lord." After this, the minister, with the earnestness of the best divmes of New England, unexpectedly burst into an ex- tempore prayer for America, for the congress, for Massachu- setts, and especially for Boston.

adopt will only follow their reasonableness, apparent «t 11^ and necessity. Ou T Z strtucntsaro bound only in honor to observe our dctermlna- said Gadsden, "ivory colony," hisisted Ward of Rhode Isl- and, 'should have an equal vote. The measure of arbitrary power is not full, and '.c must run over before wo undertake to fj-anie a new constitu- tion." It was next voted that '• the doors be kept shut during the time of business;" and the members bound themselves by their honor to keep the proceedings secret until the majority should direct them to be made public.

The counties of Virginia are unequal m point of wealth and number., yet each ht a light to send two memhera to its legislature. The treacherous Gallo- way pledged his honor with the rest.

Wo come if necessary, to make a sacriflec of our all, and by such Ts'ac nflec the we.akost will suffer as much as the great'lst." IW sou of Virgnua spoke strongly on the opposite side, and was very apprehensive that, if such a disrespect should be pu upon Ins eouutrj-men as that Virginia should have no greater weight than the smallest colony, they would never be fcenal another convention." For this menace of disnniou he w™ ft eon Uo «, 'f' '°^^'"- '"^■''"■S'' " -1-esentation equa to he importance of each colony were ever so just," said Kiohuiu xieury, "the delegates from the several colonies 6. To the proposal that congress the next day should be opened with prayer.

Jay and Eutledge objected, on account of the great diversity of religious sentiments.

Before the adjournment, Putnam's express arrived with the report that, after a bloody attack on the people by the troops at Boston, Connecticut as well as Massachusetts was rising in arms. At the opening of con- gress, Washington was present, standing in prayer, and Henry and Kandolph and Lee and Jay and Eutledge and Gadsden ; and by their side Presbyterians and Congregationalists ; the Livingstons, Shennan, Samuel Adams, John Adams ; and others of 'New England, Avho believed that a rude soldiery were then infesting the dwellings and taking the lives of their friends. '' Plead tliou my cause, O Lord, with them that strive with me; and fight thou against them that fight agamst me.

Lay hand upon the shield and buckler, and stand up to help mc.

Ering f ortli the spear, and stop the way against them that persecute me.

From returns which were but in part accessible to the congress, it appears that the immber of white inhabi- tants in all the thirteen colonies was, in 1774, about two mill- ions one hundred thousand; of blacks, about five hundred thousand ; the total population, very nearly two millions six hundred thousand. Making a recital of the wrongs inflicted on tho colonies by acts of parliament, he declared that all government was dis- solved ; that an entire new one must be founded ; that the con- gress then assembled was but the first in a never-ending suc- cession ; that their present decision wonld form a precedent. ,.a,.h eolony its just weight.^ Tho de n" crafeal part ox ,.

^ onstitution, ho insisted, must bo Tr^ served m its •• ..,.

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^ The congress that day appointed one committee on the rights of the colonies, and another on the British statutes affect- ing their manufactures and trade.

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