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The Ikon Gallery, with its dazzling art displays and convivial bars and cafes could prove to be the ideal place for a first encounter.

Birmingham also has many clubs and alternative music sites, but these might not be the quietest of places in which to make initial introductions.

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England is an idyllic country for any one wishing to meet up with new and potential partners.

Increasingly, professionals between the ages of 30 to 50 are using the online dating agency Parship in order to meet new people.

arship uses an exclusive psychometric compatibility tool that has been devised by psychologist, Professor Hugo Schmale, which evaluates the personalities of everyone who completes the test; in fact, Parship introduced the concept of psychometric testing based on 30 compatible personality traits across Europe.

For singles, who enjoy theatre and musicals, the city Leeds offers singles the Grand Theatre, the City Varieties Music Hall and the West Yorkshire Playhouse to have a romantic flirt with other single men or women.

Singles will also love the Armley Mills Industrial Museum, which includes industrial machinery and railway locomotives.Perfect for singles, who are looking for their new match.Singles will love the wide range of activities they can choose from.The home of Cadbury chocolate, in Bourneville, is a beautiful place to explore and few would refuse a free chocolate sample; there is a model workers’ village, as well as the splendid chocolate factory.The centre also organises a number of ‘Heritage Weekends’ throughout the year.

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Venue: BAWA Healthcare & Leisure 589 Southmead Road Filton Bristol Stand Up For The Weekend with CAREY MARX & CO Event Date: - Description: Carey Marx is an unapologetic gagsmith.

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