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We were fighting and torturing each other, but we were still attracted to each other. Roommate hookups are "the joke of my life," she laughs. A., who fell head over heels for her roommate while she was living with him and (yikes! The fallout of that heated hookup caused her to lose friends and sanity, but she's still with the roommate to this day.We'd run into one another on the way to the bathroom and fall back into bed. But both women acknowledge that to date your roommate is to dive headfirst into a relationship, which doesn't work for everyone.At one point, they agreed to stop hooking up, but like with Sean and me, it didn't last.One morning, she saw him come in after he'd slept at another girl's house. When we'd first met on the student newspaper in college, I thought Sean was a brilliant genius and incredibly handsome.Because we lived together, the relationship was immediately all-or-nothing, do-or-die."I felt like the lover of a cheating husband," she says.

Little do they know, you’re even closer than they think! This means that date nights involve interruption because you absolutely have to talk to her about something.

I came in from outside and asked if anyone had seen Sean. Soon though, Sean and I started fighting all the time.

We'd signed a lease thinking our seamless ability to write and edit together would translate into a chill living situation.

I snuck new paramours out the second-floor window to avoid confronting him downstairs.

One time, I returned from a date, and he was irked by how good a time I'd had. Yet even though we desperately needed to split, we could never make it stick because of our sheer proximity.

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With Sean, there was none of the magical mystery or healthy boundaries of a fledgling romance.

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