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Offseason throwing sessions have become a ritual for the Broncos, dating back to Peyton Manning's tenure.

Last year, with Manning out of the picture, Mark Sanchez took it upon himself to set up groupwork with his offensive teammates.

Of course, with talents of that magnitude, stopping them entirely isn’t realistic but slowing them down can be done.

Something we’ve seen some teams manage to do to Von, though, like Mack, he still manages to impact things.

One way in which the Steelers attacked Mack in what was likely his worst game the past two years – zero tackles in a 35-38 loss back in 2015 – was by running star receiver Antonio Brown his way.

First, the Steelers got lucky on a Brown reverse to Mack’s side in which he was barely blocked out of the way.

In 2016, the Broncos (Week 17) and Atlanta Falcons (Week 2) decided to play a lot more out from under center.When putting this together, the idea was to find games that the Raiders lost in which Mack wasn’t supremely impactful, in particular games in which he didn’t have a sack.We found five such contests (two which were against the Denver Broncos) dating back to 2015 and even then No. Even without sacks, Mack can dominate against the run and will still create pressure, hit the quarterback, or draw flags.Soon after that, they threw a few screens to his side forcing him to defend out on the perimeter or chase plays down in pursuit, thus keeping him on his toes.Of course, like Mack, Brown is a one of a kind talent, but Emmanuel Sanders could be used similarly.

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Throwing screens out to Mack’s side is a clever way to force him out of the trenches and keep him occupied with blockers other than your tackles.